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Hey, Portland, it’s Dom the artist here, dropping the knowledge of what’s going on today. Let’s go.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Rain all day, but it will be a little warmer with a high temperature of 65.

Here are the best stories in Portland today:

  1. There were serious concerns about the fire hazard posed by lit campfires in homeless camps during the hot, dry summer. Corn Portland Fire and Rescue is more concerned that, as the cold weather sets in, such fires become more common as these campers try to stay warm. It was last winter that PF&R first noticed a huge spike in these fires. (KPTV.com)
  2. Last year, Oregon voters supported a leading experience when they agreed to decriminalize drugs. Now, 8 months after its implementation, Measure 110 does not seem to be up to its goals. Law enforcement agencies in many parts of the state have had little appetite for using a key component of Measure 110, a ticket-like offense that can be dismissed if users call a hotline that can help them access treatment. (OPB)
  3. In the cultural wars that were fueled by COVID Mandates, Portland Public Schools have become the last battleground. At a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss a potential compulsory vaccine for students aged 12 and over, a crowd of demonstrators without masks disrupted discussions and forced the meeting to be held online. (Room)
  4. For a year and a half, the spotlight has been on anti-racism and equity issues, with Portland often being in the foreground on the national scene. Unfortunately, a recent poll shows that the town hall still has a long way to go. This summer, Portland City Employees received a survey to answer a fundamental question: how satisfied are you The black staff of the town hall? One hundred and three employees responded. Eight of them said they felt supported in their work. (OPB News)
  5. The Portland Clean Energy Fund seems to pay. With overwhelming support from voters, local electoral measure # 26-201 place a 1% increase on retailers with revenues of $ 500,000 here and $ 1 billion nationwide. According to the latest revenue figures for this month, the PCEF fund balance reached $ 169 million. That tally is split into two pools: $ 96.3 million in unallocated money, along with another $ 72.8 million in reserve. (KOIN)

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  • The Portland Trail Blazers: “Memory of a goldfish. Let’s move on” (Instagram)
  • Portland Audubon: “Watching these birds snooping in the mud by the water’s edge with their elongated beaks is a magical experience, so it’s easy to see why Wilson’s snipe have captured the imaginations of so many, even inspiring a pra summer camp … “(Instagram)
  • Traveling to Portland: “Portland’s queer community includes a Guinness world record holding drag queens, gay dance clubs and sports leagues, community organizations and dozens of LGBTQ +-owned businesses. Click the link in our bio to learn more about all of this! #This … “(Instagram)
  • Portland strives to be an environmentally conscious city, always trying new ideas to reduce waste and resist climate change. One of these ideas has attracted a great deal of attention. Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Mark Cuban Companies invested a combined sum $ 4 million in the Portland Neutral Food Startup. Neutral sells milk it says is carbon neutral, achieved by investing in emission reductions in dairies and buying offsets. The company was founded in 2019 through Matt plitch, an old Nike Executive. (Business journals)
  • Today’s adventure in a scary land involves Kimbra Kasch, originally from Portland give a brief presentation on haunted places about Oregon and the rest of the country. (Google)
  • Meet Cold stone, a single male rat to be adopted by Multnomah County Animal Services. Obviously, he doesn’t play well with others, but he’s smart, savvy, and good-looking. It’s nice to see an animal with such self-confidence. (Multcopets)
  • I love to see videos shot around Portland, and it’s even better if they’re tuned to great music. To verify Alice’s fall latest creation, Probe. (Youtube)
  • I mentioned the Davis Cemetery a little while ago. Here is a great photo, posted by Redditor u / sirbubbles42. (Reddit)

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