Coalition organized a forum on drunk and drugged driving | Schools


The Fountain Hills Coalition presented a seminar on drunk and drugged driving to parents and students last week, Wednesday, April 20. Mike Scharnow, executive director of the coalition, said he was pleased with the attendance of 75 people, which included a healthy contingent of average people and high school students.

Organizers said it was a team effort to put on the symposium, and many community guests spoke at the event. Speakers included Mayor Ginny Dickey, Acting Superintendent Dr. Patrick Sweeney, High School Principal Chris Hartmann, Deputy Steve Graham, DUI Defense Attorney Tait D. Elkie, and City Municipal Judge , Robert Melton.

The presentations varied, ranging from the importance of issues to school policy to the process of a DUI and its consequences.

“After the symposium, we received lots of positive feedback from parents who enjoyed the presentations,” Scharnow said. “Some even said it led to healthy conversations with their children, and that was our main goal – to promote family discussions about impaired and intoxicated driving.”

Scharnow thanked everyone who spoke and helped organize the event, especially Coalition Board Member Dwight Johnson.

The Coalition held a draw for a $2,000 scholarship and presented it to Julie Montaard after the end of the symposium. Montaeard presented the scholarship to his son, Jackson, who is a high school freshman and was also in attendance. Jackson will receive the $2,000 upon graduation.

The Coalition is sponsoring another program for senior high school students on the morning of Friday, April 29. The ball is April 30, and the Coalition hopes to prevent students from making irreversible choices during such an exciting time for senior graduates.


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