DU Campus Law Center cancels Prashant Bhushan lecture


New Delhi: The University of Delhi’s Campus Law Center (CLC) on Saturday canceled its seminar citing unmanageable student behavior a day after clashing with the administration.

The seminar, Challenges to Indian Constitution, was scheduled for Saturday at the CLC with senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan as the keynote speaker.

However, law school dean Usha Tondon announced the decision to cancel the event on Saturday morning.

CLC authorities had a face-to-face with the students on Friday, allegedly over the students asking for the keys to the seminar room to get it ready before the event.

When denied the keys, the students resorted to protesting.

In accordance with the decision of the meeting of the Seminar and Conference Rooms Reservation Committee, the cancellation is in light of the developments and the unmanageable behavior of the students since March 25, read the notice issued by the Dean.

Bhushan reached the venue but students were not allowed to enter, said Abhigyan, chairman of Delhi Unit of All India Students Association.

Bhushan then started addressing the students in the parking lot. But the administration asked him to leave, saying gatherings weren’t allowed on campus, he said.

The lawyer, surrounded by more than 100 students, addressed them outside the college premises, he said.

There is no freedom of expression. The students wanted to talk to me peacefully about what happened yesterday, but they asked us to leave, saying “discussion is not allowed inside the campus,” Bhushan said.

Delhi University Rector Rajni Abbi also said the event was canceled due to the row created by the students.

We refused them the keys yesterday as the keys could not be provided to them a day before the event as this is against the rule.

Yesterday they created a ruckus and staged a protest. The event was therefore canceled and the dean of law school issued an order,” Abbi said.


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