How to get out of the Financial Credit Institutions?

Undoubtedly, the global financial situation of recent years has caused a large number of people to have entered the delinquent lists.

Fortunately, it is possible for all these people to obtain financing thanks to private private capital loans that continue to lend money even if it is included in any of these files, but still it is interesting to know some general details about these inscriptions in such files.

About the inscription in the files

About the inscription in the files

First of all, it must be said that when talking about Financial Credit Institutions, it is not talking about a set of files, it is not talking about all existing files, but in reality it is not more than one of the different files that exist, of one of the “brands” of these existing files, it is therefore important that if you have incurred debts, check all those files in which you have been included. It is true that the Financial Credit Institutions is one of the most important and known, but not the only one.

Subsequently, what you should know is that in the Spanish regulatory framework (and European in general) the inclusion in this same type of files is very regulated and very supervised, in addition to being very guaranteed so you have rights that you should know how to use, and has them for all such files, not only for the Financial Credit Institutions, all are subject to the same legislation.

It is not the intention of this article to enter into a profuse analysis of everything related to the so-called delinquent files, but it is vital that you know that in everything related in this area you should be in line, especially everything established in the LOPD (Organic Law of Data Protection), without prejudice to the other legal precepts that result or may be directly or indirectly applicable.

Even if you can’t look like it, there is life beyond the Financial Credit Institutions, and there is life in a double way: first, there is life because if for example you are within the meaning of what is stated in the aforementioned (and current) law specifically in your article 29.4 you can leave Financial Credit Institutions even if you have not been able to pay your debts, and there is life because there is always the alternative of private capital to get credit.

On private equity loans and delinquent files

On private equity loans and delinquent files

Of course, the above cannot be considered an applause or incitement not to pay the debts, not paying them can bring and brings serious consequences, but it is true that when for the imponderables that you have incurred debts, you have life beyond that situation and that life goes largely through loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

As indicated on the basis of the rights that assist him (and that go far beyond mere ARCO rights because in this case being especially sensitive data that deserve special protection they are encompassed within the same law but with its independent section) you can leave the Financial Credit Institutions, but it is true that until that happens you may need a loan and other circumstances that limit access to credit may occur, so private and lender loans are a great ally On your part.

In addition, in relation to these private loans you should also know that you can hire them with all the confidence always do it in professional companies, with a good solvency and implementation, companies that offer you full security. And you can hire them with full security and confidence because precisely thanks to the boom in these types of loans, legislative changes have been taking place and, for example, Law 2/2009 of March 31 provides you with good coverage in this regard, as it gives you guarantees and allows you to have security in transactions if you know how to choose your right provider.

It is true that there is still a long way to go and it is true that the legislator can still take many steps to optimize the legislation in everything related to private loans, but it is certainly a good step for him to have the confidence that those companies that are in the sector in a legal and transparent way as PARTICULAR CREDIT protect their interests in the best possible way.

In PARTICULAR CREDIT we look after your interests, we look after you and that is why we offer you both the most professional, expert and personalized management that you can find in the market and related to it. On the other hand, we offer you the best private capital loans from private lenders and private lenders that will offer you loans with Financial Credit Institutions without any inconvenience.

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