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Do the workers on the contract – the particular order have a chance just for credit?

Do the employees on the contract - the order have a chance for credit?

The Nationwide Labor Inspectorate conducted the survey in 2015 which usually showed that out of sixteen million working people, as many as one 4 million are employed within the so-called junk contracts. Through January 2016, tax legislation was also introduced on city law contracts. These adjustments were aimed at limiting the particular unfair practices of companies who employed employees below such contracts. Currently, the expenses of civil law agreements are the same as for temporary agreements.

Poles’ monetary situations may be different. An individual with a civil law agreement can earn more than somebody full-time. However, for banking institutions, the most important is stable, recorded income. In this situation, people that will present a number of documents certifying their financial stability possess a chance of credit.

Banks are usually slowly trying to adapt the particular offer to people on agreements – commission. A person upon such a contract must, nevertheless, take into account that he will not obtain such a favorable offer being a full-time employee.

Contract – commission plus payday

The civil law agreement is just not an obstacle to consuming non-bank loans. While in the financial institution this form of income source might not be acceptable, loan companies check their own clients’ credibility less restrictively.

When applying for payday loans or even installments, companies may require approximately amount of income and verification of its source. It is essential for non-bank institutions whether or not the potential customer has a negative background in the Credit Information Agency, and whether it is not classified by the databases of the Nationwide Debt Register or LARGE InfoMonitor. Hence, the popularity associated with payday loans without BIK is just not surprising.

To obtain a loan for a high quantity

“Of training course, we won’t buy a toned or a decent car along with payday money. So, if we like to get a loan for a higher amount, we must ask the company to change the contract or even change the job. Another probable solution may be to request someone close to take credit score for yourself. However, such circumstances cause additional stress. Consequently, if we need a smaller amount, we are able to opt for a payday loan or payment loan. There are institutions around the financial market that offer on-line loans up to PLN five, 000. For this amount, we are going to calmly renovate the house. “- comments by a mortgage expert at Mere Financial institution

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