Local mental health advocates will host a forum on adjusting to life after prison


By Edwin Oscar Gutierrez, Jr.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Thurston/Mason County (NAMI) will host an online public forum titled “Challenges After Jail: Services in Thurston County” on Thursday, April 26 from 7-8:30 p.m.

In the latest of his three Justice Not Jails (JnJ) series, the discussion will focus on educating the public about people with mental illness who have been incarcerated and the services available to them “to help them reclaim their lives after to have been involved in the justice system,” according to the group’s press release.

Speakers and their topics will include:

  • Carrie Hennen, Program Manager, Thurston County Treatment Sales Tax; Moderator
  • Mary Gallo, Social Services Specialist, Thurston County Public Defense; Sponsorships
  • Korbett Moïsely, Director of Workforce Services, Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council; Use
  • Keylee Marineau, Thurston County Homeless and Affordable Housing Coordinator; Lodging
  • Dr. Matlock, Free Clinic/Mental Health Access Program; Processing
  • Kelly Olson, Civilian Survival; Personal experience

Forum speakers will provide information on their respective programs and the challenges they face, discuss the impact of recent developments in the legal system and the possibility of racial and ethnic disparities.

According to its website, JnJ was founded in 2013 and lobbies local governments, educates the public, and runs projects to help those involved in the justice system.

Community members interested in attending the seminar can register in advance and also watch the previous two meetings “Innovating Justice and Racial Equity in Thurston County” and “The Public Safety and Mass Incarceration Fallacy” on this link.


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