Not being invited to KPCC meeting indicates decision to kick me out of party, says KV Thomas


Senior Congress official KV Thomas, who is under disciplinary investigation in connection with his attendance at the 23rd CPI(M) Party Congress in Kannur recently, said on Monday that not inviting him to the KPCC’s political affairs meeting indicated a decision to expel him from the party.

Thomas, speaking to reporters here, said that since 2018 there had been an initiative to keep him out of the party and that was evident from the fact that he was not invited to the Committee meeting of Kerala Pradesh Congress (KPCC) held today.

”I was not invited to the meeting. Why? I only received a show cause notice. This position (of KPCC) is against AICC which only has the power to remove me from the party,” the veteran politician said.

There are many in the party for whom I am a headache, he claimed.

When asked if he still believed he was right to attend the CPI(M) party congress, Thomas replied, “There is no doubt about it.” and it must join forces with other parties, such as the CPI(M).

He said that it was because of this view that he attended the CPI(M) party congress and there was no change in that.

Previously, Kerala Congress leaders had argued that Thomas had ‘betrayed’ and ‘cheated’ the party by attending the event in Kannur.

Tharoor and Thomas were both invited by the CPI(M) to attend the Center-State Relations Seminar as part of its 23rd Party Congress which started on April 6 and ended on April 10.

Thomas held positions as labor minister and cabinet minister when Congress was in power in the Center and in the state.

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