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By Deb Oskin

The Compensation and Pastoral Benefits Advisory Committee met virtually for its annual retreat October 18-20. New lay members Art Fourman (2020-2025) and Bob McMinn (2021-2026) had ample time to meet former members, Secretary Dan Rudy (clergy, 2017-2022), President Deb Oskin (professional of secular remuneration, 2018-2023), Gene Hagenberger (representative of the Council of District Executives, 2021-2024) and Nancy Sollenberger Heishman (ex officio, director of the Church of the Brethren Office of Ministry).

While the committee met three times before the retreat, the 15 hours spent together really immersed them in the results of the mandatory five-year review of pastoral compensation and benefits (which will be presented to delegates at the annual conference). in Omaha next summer).

The Pastor’s Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee is “having a little too much fun,” according to Deb Oskin: (top row, from left) Bob McMinn, Deb Oskin, Art Fourman; (bottom row, left to right) Gene Hagenberger, Dan Rudy, Nancy Sollenberger Heishman.

They have updated each section of the “Pastoral Salary and Benefits Guidelines” document to match the work done by their committee and District Executive Board subcommittees over the past two years.

And they reviewed and recommended changes to the 2002 “Guidelines for Continuing Education” document for consideration by the District Executive Board.

The meeting received reports from Brethren Benefit Trust Chairman Nevin Dulabaum and Lynnae Rodeffer, Director of Benefits for BBT.

An update was received from a former committee member, Ray Flagg (lay, 2016-2021), who is playing a pivotal role in the development of a “Pastoral Compensation Calculator” which will be at the heart of the new “ Integrated Annual Ministerial Agreement ”- which, after the 2022 Annual Conference, will replace the current“ Start-up Agreements ”and“ Renewal Agreements ”.

Exciting changes for the better are coming soon!

Deb Oskin is Chair of the Pastors Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee. She is a tax specialist specializing in clergy tax returns and leads the annual Clergy Tax Seminar which is sponsored by the Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership, the Church of the Brethren Office of Ministry and the Bethany Theological Seminary. The next Clergy Tax Seminar is scheduled for January 29, 2022. Register now at


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