Report from students to school board full of “opportunities, events and news”


Delaware Valley students Juliana Llaurado and Viktoria Sioreti presented the first student of the year report at the school board meeting on October 21.

“From the start of the year,” they said, “we had a lot of opportunities, events and news”:

● September and October: Leadership training for officers held on October 14 by Ms. Marchetti. All the agents of the student body gathered to learn about real situations or the difficulties they might encounter.

● Warriors’ store (M. Lurs): First successful week, everyone was excited, positive impact on the students. From Tuesday, October 12, you will be able to pay by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay. Decoration always updated for the season, awareness raising, orders of new sweatshirts clothes on the online store:

● Tutoring: This year there are plenty of tutoring opportunities available for each subject: math, science and writing lab, as well as several after-school tutoring for students.

● Spirit Week (Mrs. Wummer): Themes include Music Monday, Tie-Dye Tuesday, Out of This World Wednesday, Time Travel Thursday, Classroom Colors. The seniors won. With any luck, plan to do mind games in the spring.

● SPAT: Held on October 13 for all sophomores and juniors. Practice for the SATs that these students will take over the next two years of high school to prepare for college. These tests are paid for by the school and free for all students.

● Online news : First impression on Friday, October 15. Daily update online. Latest news. Website:

● Thematic day of October 22: Pink Out for breast cancer awareness, at school and for the football game.

● Mentorship Program (Ms. Santorelli): A brand new program for first year students to help them make the transition to high school. Upperclassmen applied last year to become mentors for freshmen. We currently have around 30 mentors. They have a letter of introduction for each freshman. The mentors went to the freshman seminary classes to do a nice breakout activity. Next week, an activity showcasing digital citizenship. The Warrior Empowerment Program features social gatherings for all freshmen to interact with mentors.

● New scientific laboratory: Led by M. Rupp and M. Rhule. Like the math lab, they help students teach in all sciences, from physics to biology to environmental sciences. It’s open to all needy students during each lunch break for students to ask science-related questions, study, do schoolwork, or even work one-on-one with a teacher.

● Virtual Club Lounge (Ms. Santerelli): A link has been sent to all regular teachers to share with students and advertise our after-school clubs that will be taking place this school year. Two bulletin boards have been created on the 9/10 and 11/12 sides of the schools that display all clubs and have a QR code that links to all club directories, where students can find out more about the offers of. school programs.

● University fair: October 30, all middle and high school students. Periods 1 to 5: gave students the chance to see some of their university options to prepare for their future projects. Forty different colleges.

● Fall Sports (M. Ross): Successful fall season included. irls soccer leader of their division, a seat in the districts. Volleyball is 13-0, Karley May is our new coach and a DV graduate. Hopefully our football team will also win the district title. The play-offs will begin over the next two weeks.

● Back home: White soccer game. Queen and King of Reunion: Mackenzie Olsommer and Bobby Holdreith have been crowned. Sale of t-shirts: each class received its own t-shirts. The drawings were submitted by class officers and other students. The final designs were voted on by the students in each class.

● Honorary societies: The National Honor Society, Rho Kappa (The National Social Studies Honors Society), and the National Art Honor Society are all in the process of admitting new members to their organizations. Mu Alpha Theta has started its monthly math competitions for its members.


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