The meeting was opened by the mayor – Jamestown Sun


The meeting was called by Mayor Wick with all members present and Bill Clark. The Treasurer’s report was delivered and accepted, and the minutes were read with questions from Buskness on the motion brought last month regarding unpaid water bills and the $100 connection fee and starting on the sidewalk stops. if the water bill is not paid in full, it will be turned over to the county for collections. John’s motion only included the minimum water charge. (1000 gallons for $5). The seats up for election are the 4-year terms of John Buskness and Darren Martin. They did not file a case to be put on the ballot. These seats will be filled by written votes. Candyce will be visiting the Ryan Law Firm this week regarding the restraining orders. The auditor gave the mayor a copy of the potential order for the pushback program. A $258 NDIRF refund was returned to the city for insurance. The town received a Garrision Diversion Grant to be used for town beautification. The grant is $6,000, we will pay $4,500 and Garrison Diversion will pay $1,500. Around this time, Candyce researched the large flower pots in Menards and she also phoned the greenhouse in Anamoose to find out what they cost there. She presented the costs and the board will think about it and probably won’t make a decision until the tax equalization meeting on April 27 at 6:00 p.m. in the back room of Tito’s Tavern. Darren proposed that the city pay the elevator $500 for snow removal, and Zeke will continue to mow the lawns in the city, and Sharon will continue to clean the restrooms in the park. Bill presented a list of repairs that need to be done at the lagoon and for the fire hydrants, gate valves and 2 curb stops that were paid for but not installed when the water was dug out. Fargo’s company will be with their boat at the lagoon to get a core sample and if we can use the superbugs to clean up the sludge in the lagoon as soon as the ice is out of the lagoon. Candyce had called the courthouse about the interest they charge for unpaid taxes and unpaid utility bills sent to them. The penalty is 3%, May 1 is 6%, July 1 is 9% and October 15 is 12%. An Improvement Club has been formed in Woodworth with the aim of seeking grants and making Woodworth more enjoyable. Strengthen North Dakota and the South Central Regional Council have been contacted to see what grants are available at this time. In addition, there is a workplace grant implemented by Governor Bergum’s office. The health department is implementing a backflow prevention program in 2022, the water department is complying with its regulations and hopes to attend a seminar in Harvey on May 25 explaining what it all entails. Candyce visited Ferguson’s Water Co. about new meters and readers. We are currently using the touch pad, where they are working and the new system they are interested in is working where a house’s meter can be read from the street using a remote reader. Further research needs to be done on this as well. The bills were read and moved to be paid by Kuruc and seconded by Snyder. Wick adjourned meeting Linda Clark, Auditor (April 27, 2022) 55713


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