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WASHINGTON — The Board of Selectmen, meeting Thursday, April 28, has set 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 19 for the city’s annual budget meeting, to be held at Bryan Memorial City Hall.

In addition to the 2022-23 budget, voters will consider one-time expenses for the same year and the draft demolition delay ordinance.

During the meeting, the council unanimously approved the proposed ordinance, thus transferring it to the town assembly.

The ordinance will apply to buildings 75 years and older to provide a time frame in which to reconsider the permanent removal of a potentially historic structure.

According to the order, a demolition permit for older buildings would require the committee to meet and determine whether the structure would qualify for the 120-day deadline.

The ordinance would not stop the demolition, it would only delay the act.

Elected officials thanked the historical review committee for the input and answers to many questions as council discussed the proposed ordinance.

In addition, the board accepted the resignation of Susan Branson from the Inland Wetlands Commission and appointed Jennifer Bogue as a full member of the Inland Wetlands Commission.

“We appreciate everything she has done,” first coach Jim Brinton said, thanking Ms Branson for her service, noting that her work includes efforts for the Conservation Commission.

Brinton said the American Rescue Plan Act Committee, which will recommend how Washington should spend its ARPA funds, had met the night before and the discussion had been productive.

He shares a list of requests with the group so that these ideas can be considered.

Mr Brinton also noted that the city’s new patrol boat will be launched within a week.

Before the meeting adjourned, Mr. Brinton said he had asked Thomas Hennick, head of public education, to give a seminar on the Freedom of Information Act. “It’s precious.”

Coach Jay Hubelbank confirmed there will be materials new council members and commissioners can use to familiarize themselves with the law and what it requires of elected officials and town meetings.

The first selectman will interview the elect to determine a suitable meeting time for the seminar.


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