A cat praised by the American university for having attended each Zoom conference with its owner


The university responded to his post, saying, “Congratulations to you both.”

Thousands of students sported an adult and a cap at an American college graduation ceremony, but one odd-looking ‘student’ caught everyone’s attention.

According Fox7Francesca Bourdier recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, however, she wasn’t the only one to take the leap, as her adorable pet cat, named Suki, also joined the new grads after taking courses. online course with its owner.

Taking to social media, Ms Bourdier shared touching photos of herself and her four-legged partner dressed up for the graduation ceremony. In the caption, she wrote, “My cat has been to every Zoom lecture I’ve had so we’re BOTH graduating from The University of Texas at Austin together.”

Since being shared, the Instagram post has gone viral. Several netizens have rallied around Suki’s recent achievement and her adorable graduation outfit. The university also replied to his message saying“Congratulations to you two.”

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One user wrote, “Only here because I saw you two on the news and I’m a cat freak myself obsessed with the whole thing.” Another said: “I ended up in my feed through a different account and had to come and find the original. It made my day! Congratulations!” “This is the cutest and most original thing I’ve seen in a while! Congratulations to you both!!” third added.

Talk to Fox7, Ms Bourdier revealed that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she was forced to spend the majority of her university experience at home. “I was pretty much at my apartment most of the time and had my cat next to me. Every time I had my Zoom conference, it’s like she almost wants to listen to it, and she s always sat right next to my laptop,” she said.

Ms. Bourdier added that when graduation day arrived, she recognized Suki’s dedication and thought of including her in the ceremony. “She’s (Suki) just sort of my special graduate,” she told the outlet.

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Additionally, she revealed that through a quick search online, she was able to buy Suki her own cap and dress which matched almost exactly. She said she wanted to make her cat an honorary member of the University of Texas Spring Class of 2022. However, Ms. Bourdier added that even though Suki did not receive any graduation diploma, she was happy to find her at every step leading up to this day.

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