Greater Johnstown School District Public Meeting


The Greater Johnstown School District is hosting a town hall that is about to begin about the ongoing outbreak of violence inside school halls and possible solutions to the problem.

In recent months, there have been headlines of fights leading to arrests, and other instances of misconduct in school hallways, largely amplified by videos on social media showing the violence and bad behavior.

Parents and community leaders have been vocal at recent school board meetings…that not enough is being done to stop it. The Greater Johnstown Education Association cited violence as one of several issues that led them to announce a vote of no confidence in Superintendent Amy Arcurio in April.

Arcurio blamed the escalating pandemic situation, a general lack of respect for authority and limited funding in the district, but also said the council had hired more social and security workers, and purchased metal detectors and security cameras to combat the problem. .

Although the school board said it supports Arcurio, it agreed last month that more needs to be done to curb troubling trends, which is why people will be given the opportunity to talk about the issues and possible solutions to the issues. behavior in the district.


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