Meeting of CKD-run schools held : The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Amritsar: A special meeting was organized for the members in charge of the schools run by Chief Khalsa Diwan here. They discussed the different necessities for the schools and the difficulties encountered on the administrative level and their valuable suggestions. CKD head office member Sukhjinder Singh Prince led the seminar after five recitations of the Mool Mantra. Dr. Inderbir Singh Nijjar, President of CKD, addressing the participants welcoming the members invited them to take turns informing about the difficulties encountered in the management of their schools. Honorary Secretary Ajit Singh Basra highlighted the important contribution made by the responsible member, principals and teachers to the development of the school and gave detailed information to encourage them to perform their services well. Subsequently, the elders among the responsible members shared their suggestions and experiences for the proper functioning of the schools. During the meeting, the members in charge of rural and urban schools discussed with the president on the financing of schools, the recruitment and salaries of their school staff, the training of senior teachers, the increase in the number of teachers religious and other administrative matters. Dr. Nijjar welcomed the suggestions made by the members in view of the needs of the school management of the responsible member assured to meet their needs and solve the problems as soon as possible.

Organized religious congregation

A Gurmat Samagam under the leadership of Ajit Singh, Head of Sri Sukhmani Sahib Sewa Society, Chowk Darbar Sahib held a religious congregation in which students aged 4-7 and 10-18 participated in Gurbani Kanth. Among them two toppers were congratulated. Bhai Rajinder Singh Sangha of the Society said the main aim is to impart the teachings of Guru Arjan Dev Jee. It should be noted that the Society, which was founded in 1976, celebrated its 55th anniversary with the help of all the sangats of the city.


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