Round Ireland racing is the focus of the Offshore Racing Academy weather routing conference next Wednesday


The rescheduled Offshore Racing Academy Weather Routing Conference will take place this Wednesday 15th June 2022 at 7pm, just two days before the Round Ireland Race from Wicklow.

Originally it was planned to run this program focusing only on Expedition and Adrena, however, with the upcoming Round Ireland race on June 18th it was decided to run this course with a focus on the routes for this race and look at other online apps and programs that can also help you achieve top performance in the Round Ireland race this year.

Kenny Rumball

To be accurate, weather routing software requires a combination of highly accurate computer-generated information including;

  • Wind data models, known as GRIBS
  • Information on tides and currents
  • Fleeces
  • Specific Navigational Hazards

Not only will the conference cover software, but it is also important to discuss the pitfalls of certain hardware options! Kenny will unveil the secret solutions that have proven successful in the professional offshore sailing scene in France.

The seminar is free to those who have registered for this conference in the past as well as the ‘Getting the Most Out of Your Offshore Racing’ conference, but the low cost of €30 will apply to new registrations.

To register, please follow this link here


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