Shangdong lectures on ‘Tian Feng’, TSPM Church’s flagship magazine


Shangdong CC&TSPM held an online conference on “Tian Feng in the eyes of Tian Feng people” to introduce its history and current content.

According to the report of CCC&TSPM, Pastor Zhiqiang Hao, editor-in-chief of Tian Feng magazine, as a guest speaker, described the timeline for the development of Tian FengWhere celestial windthe magazine of the TSPM church in China from May 25, 2022.

He introduced the main Chinese Christian leaders and the comments of former editors to this magazine, sorted out its history – the only newspaper of Chinese Christianity publicly published at home and abroad, and shared the founding position, the development process, ideological position, manner of expression, responsibility and mission.

Having been Tian Feng‘s editor since the beginning of 2020, Pastor Hao, in the face of the new situation and new challenges in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic, took the initiative to use the concept of blockchain in the field of information technology to build the framework of integrated Christian media in China, bridging the gap between the authors, editors and readers of the magazine. .

Pastor Hao said the TSPM’s flagship magazine represented the position of Christianity in China, “insisting on bearing witness to the truth, staying close to social reality, preaching the message of the present time, framing and uniting believers, and promoting actively the unity of the Church, religious solidarity and social harmony”.

In the lecture, Pastor Hao not only showed the historical mission of Tian Feng, but also explained in detail the reason and the process of how this magazine has become an important media tool for patriotism and religious devotion, as well as an important window for Chinese society and the world to know about Chinese Christianity. . He added that since its founding 77 years ago, the magazine has promoted the message of patriotism and guided Christians to know society, constantly adapting to socialist society and contributing to the healthy development of Christianity in China.

Pastor Gao Ming, president of TSPM in Shangdong, said Tian FengThe current layout and structure of the columns had “distinctive characteristics and rich content”, which “give churches across the country the direction to sinicize Christianity and believers the correct guidance to adapt to socialist society”.

– Translated by Katherine Guo


Shangdong lectures on ‘Tian Feng’, TSPM Church’s flagship magazine


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