Special conference organized in the history department of VBU


A special lecture on “The First Decade of Indian Independence: Some Reflections” was organized at the Department of History, Vinoba Bhave University. The special conference was chaired by Dr. Ashok Kumar Mandal. Prof. Jamia Millia Islamia, Dr. Javed Alam was present as the keynote guest and keynote speaker during this special lecture.

During the presentation of the lecture, Dr. Javed Alam described in detail the events of the independence era. ) and the problems generated during the partition tragedy. He explained in detail the process of integration of princely states, especially Junagadh, Hyderabad and Jammu and Kashmir in India. He also gave detailed lectures on the State Reorganization Commission and the arrangements for secondary and higher education.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mandal, Head of History Department, chaired the program and in his speech emphasized the quality of research and gave important advice to researchers and students. Mandal also said that seminars, workshops, special lectures will continue to be held in the department. The vote of thanks was done by Dr. Vikas Kumar and the stage was conducted by researcher Vaibhav Anand. Ashok Kumar Mandal, Dr. Vikas Kumar, Dr. Hitendra Anupam, Dr. Vanshidhar Prasad Rukhaiyar, Dr. Tanveer Alam, Navneet Kumar Dangi, Bhagwat Ram, Prabhat Kumar, Gangeshwari Kumar, Preeti Kumari, etc. and students from the postgraduate department were present in the program. The program began with the welcome song and ended with the national anthem.


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