The Armenian Society of Fellows will hold its inaugural meeting in Venice


LOS ANGELES, California – On December 20, 2021, a group of Armenians concerned about the future of their nation created a new organization known as The Armenian Society of Fellows (ASOF). This international network of Armenian scholars, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs currently consists of 155 people, including Nobel laureates and opinion leaders from the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora.

ASOF’s mission is to help elevate Armenia’s educational and research capacity and institutions to world-class levels and to contribute to the development of a modern, sophisticated and networked Armenian civil society. international.

ASOF’s long-term goals are:

  • To help the Armenian nation realize its full potential by addressing internal challenges and solving important social and environmental issues in the world.
  • To help safeguard Armenian culture in Armenia and abroad.
  • Broaden the visibility of Armenia’s global impact and contributions.

ASOF represents a historic undertaking that unites the Armenian Diaspora and the Republic of Armenia, to create a network dedicated to national renewal and international cooperation.

ASOF will hold its inaugural meeting on June 27-28, 2022 on the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni in Venice.

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